The world is full of people so it isn't surprising that whomever stumbled across this website or blog wonders - "Who is this dude and what is this blog about?". This is just a little concise introductions, there is more to me then meets the eye haha.

So in short, I am the proud husband to my beloved Suzanne since 2002, proud as proud can be father of two absolutely amazing children (Sophie and Lucas), "master" of a bunch of all female pets, all crazy - Chloe the Chihuahua, Athena the Bengal Cat, the two Degus' Puffy and Spotty and a skool of nameless fish.

I have a lifelong absolute full on passion for photography that refuse to go away and been a professional photographer since 2003. I'm calm by nature, resourceful and experienced, highly versatile and a creative with strong work ethics. Best described in my own words as "someone that get things done, properly or somehow, by all means possible".

This will be the place where I blog/write/share about whatever I feel like, what me and family get up to, but most likely topics that are related to being a photographer, photography in general, stock photography and other photography related industry topics.

Videography and YouTube might also be topics that come up.

Swedish, born and raised, lived abroad in California, U.S., London, U.K and Scotland for many years, but back in native Sweden since 2006, living in a small village on the west coast, not too far away from Gothenburg.