Enjoy it whilst it last - appreciation of the cold, snow and darkness and a big thumbs up to SA Company's multi-use tubular face shields

I'm a grateful kind of guy, I think - I can "like" pretty much anything, find it interesting, to a degree, for some time. What I'm trying to say is that I'm pretty easy (IMHO). Anyhow, I don't know if it is a DNA thing or something, but for me it's important, even vital to experience seasons, proper seasons. Without a season, I don't get set up right for the next season. 

Let me explain. If I don't have a harsh, cold, snow filled and dark winter season, I won't appreciate spring and summer properly. Probably sounds weird. The harsher the winter, the more snow, the colder it is, the more the darkness encroach, the stronger I feel and the more ready I will be when spring finally arrives. 

I also just like the cold - makes you feel alive, the air feels fresher and combat man vs nature or weather is amusing - thank you whom ever invented thermal underwear, especially Long Johns that I'm a big fan of. The snow - OMG - you can have so much fun with snow, playing with the kids, go sledging and I absolutely thrive when there has been heavy snowfall and there is "chaos" (bit tricky here as we're used to it) - the challenge or being "tested"/pushed a bit makes me come alive - brings out the survivalist, lion, alpha male in me. 

The darkness - a lot of people have problems with this, the lack of sunlight etc., makes them go a bit bananas or depressed. There are also real physical downsides to too little sunshine and as kids we all had to take mandatory vitamin AD supplements. Anyway, I don't have any issues with the lack of sunlight - the opposite, find it comforting, cosy. Don't mind being out in it, often seeking pitch darkness for photography reasons (especially early mornings) and enjoy being inside looking out at it - the void. What beats cosing up on the sofa at home with the wife and family, under a blanket, with some lit candles and watch some great TV? Not much.

SA Company's "multi-use tubular face shields"

Funnily enough the family dog, Chloe "The Wow Wow", a tiny female Chihuahua also seems to enjoy the winter, she has fun in the snow, doesn't mind fairly long walks in the cold - she's a trooper. Find this a puzzling as she's tiny and the breed is Mexican, but but...

Almost forgot the point of this post completely, a recommendation for SA Company's "multi-use tubular face shields". This little garment makes such a big difference to your comfort in cold weather and can be worn in a multitude of different ways. I prefer it around my neck (when it's cold) and to pull it up over my mouth (when it is proper cold) and all the way up over my nose (when it is really freezing cold). 

A big thank you to my wife Suzanne who found these and thought of me - thanks honey.

You can check them out here: SA Company

I've gone for (well I've been told to wear) an all black + SA Company logo version, but they come in all colours, patterns etc. Plenty of choice and really cute ones for the ladies.

Disclaimer: I've got nothing to disclaim - 100% genuine recommendation, 100% non-sponsored, 100% non-affiliated or 100% not endorsed and/or 100% not getting paid by SA Company or any associated company. Just saying.


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