Hunting for a composition before sunrise

King of selfies haha
Didn't get much time outdoors today, but o'boy was it quality time. Got down to Lake Sävelången early, about 30 mins or so ahead of sunrise. I wasn't expecting any beautiful sunrise or anything - I was overcast and was to remain overcast, but as I've said before - I do like the dark and the darkness, very much so because you can craft beautiful long exposures without the need for any ND ("Neutral Density") filters. Also the darkness means that there are fewer people around, peace and quiet, which I appreciate.

Moving on - it was a beautiful morning, still, no wind to speak of, quiet and tranquil. The snow covered ground meant that it wasn't pitch black, eventhough the sun hadn't risen yet. I chose one of my favourite places, an old rickety wodden jetty that sticks out just far enough from the shoreline to be able to look back at the village in all it's sleepiness. Of course one could have gone out on the ice, but it has started to look fragile over the last couple of days, so probably not a wise move.
Canon 5D MK IV & Canon 70-200 f/4L IS

So I set up without being in a rush, letting the tripod stand with one leg on the ice (thank god for retractable spikes on the Sirui N-3004X) and two on the wooden jetty, choose the Canon 70-200 to get a nice compressed view and then started hunting around for the best composition and I think it turned out pretty ok. 

Anway, short blog today - as usual at this time of the year there is a "bug" going around that so far has floored everyone but me - so I'm on doctor/nurse duty! 
Early morning Floda, Sweden