Golden Nuggets - the rare moments of solitude that sparks creativity

With a busy family life and a sick wife I find it of outmost importance for myself to seek out solitude, peace and quiet. With two kids and a bunch of pets our house is never quiet - there is always activity, from early morning to late at night. Don't get me wrong, I truly love it - having a children, a wife, a family etc. is all I ever wanted and what I live for - they are truly my everything and I'm theirs 110%. 

Peace and quiet is important.

No matter how much I love it, it can of course at times be draining and I sometimes feel like I can't hear my own thoughts haha. Thinking and a lot of it is something that I do and need. A big reason why I get up at 5am EVERY day of the week is to find some "peace and quiet", but obviously one needs more. 

Mock yourself!

Sometimes work is work, but sometimes work is nurture. I find it really important to give myself time to just "get out there" i.e. go outside. I find myself outside walking, sitting enjoying a view or whatever. Most often I'm photographing, photographing stuff that I like that doesn't necessarily makes sense for "work" or for someone else, but only for me, because to me it is about nurture - a destresser, an opportunity to think, a time to put things in perspective, a time to "organise my brain" and to be re-charged. Sometimes I'm just being silly. talking ridiculous portraits or "lifestyle" shots of myself - I know weird as h**l, but at least I'm laughing at myself.

Not taking things seriously is underrated yet vital to be dead serious when needs be. We all truly need to smile more, together, but also when we're alone.

Ok, so as usual I'm rambling. My point, there is a little point, is that all the above is needed for me on a creative plane. Those are the things that I need to stay creative and it is during those times that I feel the most creative. It is like the quietness, solitude etc. creates an opportunity for a strong willed, but very softly spoken creative voice to actually speak and be able to be heard.
So that is my advice to anyone having issues with creativity. Don't try to force it, instead get outside, go for a walk, do something that you enjoy or do nothing out there and just let yourself soak in "being" in the moment. 

Being and staying creative is hard at times, but the better I look after myself and my own personal needs the more creative I am being able to be. Secondly, when I feel that I'm on a creative high I'm also happier as a person, thus making me a happier, but more importantly BETTER husband, dad and pet slave!

Be in the moment, seize opportunities to get out and put things in perspective!

Ok enough mumbo-jumbo moment/thought/advise for one day, deepness over. I probably going to re-read this in a day or two and think - what on earth is he going on about! Hahaa. 

Have a great day!